MM            Minute Man

NONCOM       Non-Commissioned Officer

ORDL            Orderly

PNSR            Pensioner

PS                 Patriotic Service

PVT               Private

PVTR             Privateer

S.D.I.             Signer of the Declaration of Independence

SGT               Sergeant

SGRMAJ       Sergeant Major

SOL               Soldier

STAFFOF      Staff Officer

WGM             Wagon Master

WPNSR            Wife who received pension

ADC  Aide-de-Campe

BG            Brigadier General

CAPT Captain

CHP   Chaplain

CL             Continental Line

COL          Colonel

CPL           Corporal

CS              Civil Service

ENS           Ensign

FIF             Fifer

1LT            First Lieutenant

LTC            Lieutenant Colonel

MAJ            Major